Wild stag at Glencoe

Around the World



Ever since I was born in Singapore I've been wandering the globe. I'm Australian but traveled all over Europe as a kid. When I was 17 my wanderings took me to South America, the Galapagos Islands, and all around New Zealand (by thumb). Unable to kick the travel bug, I camped under a tree in the back garden when I got home to Sydney, but was soon off again, around most of Australia, once again by thumb. I've hitchhiked across Australia more times than I can remember. Having virtually no money need prove a barrier to no-one. My cheapest trip was Perth to Sydney (5,000 km), for $2.

Despite my best efforts, I just can't seem to stop traveling. I've barely been in one place long enough to make this website. At some point I decided to stop fighting it and buy a decent digital camera. And you know what? Despite all the chaos and injustice out there, it's still a very beautiful world. I hope you will enjoy some of it here with me ~ Andrew.